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Contact Information

Lunalilo Scholars Program Coordinator
LaVache Scanlan

Aloha! My name is LaVache Scanlan and I have been the Director of the Lunalilo Scholars Program since it started in 2012. I have been at KCC for almost 19 years doing all sorts of things, like teaching basic math. The best part of my job is seeing students grow and achieve their goals! If I had a million dollars, I would buy a house near KCC so that our students would always have a place to stay if they needed. |  (808) 734-937 |  (808) 734-9316 (fax) 

Lunalilo Scholars Student Support Specialist
Colette Andrade-Fujii

Aloha my name is Colette and I go by "Aunty Coco". I am a Lunalilo Scholars Student Support Specialist. I love to help my students reach their potential. So with that being said, there are no silly questions, just ask!. Something someone wouldnʻt guess about me (if you donʻt know me) is that I have a twin sister. Her name is Wilette (Aunty Willy).   |   (808)734-9245

Kapi'olani Community College's
Senior Director of Development
Linh Hoang Poe

I'm Proud to be part of the UH Foundation. We truly care about our mission in working with those who want to make an impact by helping those who want to better their lives through education.  |   (808)734-9570

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