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We apologize for the inconvenience, but this site is currently being updated. For inquiries, please contact LaVache Scanlan,,

          Aloha and welcome to the Lunalilo Scholarship Program's website! The Lunalilo Scholarship Program is a project that was built to assist, guide and encourage a student's success in their first year at Kapi'olani Community College. 

OUR MISSION: To provide opportunities for trans-formative college experiences for students who have not considered higher education as a viable alternative because of financial or other barriers limiting college access. Through scholarship, academic and personal support and community, students will build a foundation for success in the first year of college as measured by student engagement, learning, and achievement.

OUR GOAL: To identify the needs of each individual scholar and provide the necessary tools and resources to build a solid foundation in the first year of college. These individualized wrap-around services include, but are not limited to, peer mentor support, intrusive advising, college success courses, academic and personal support, emergency grants, laptop loans, career, and working styles assessments, help with transportation, and assistance with financial aid and scholarship applications. 

Peer Mentors
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